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Welcome to our family of customers! We truly do Cherish you! Thank you for making us your flower shop of choice!

Caring for Vase Flowers

We prepared your flowers’ first drink with healthy food included. We also sent them to you with a packet of food. Tomorrow, you may notice the water level in your flowers is low, please fill the container back up with tepid tap water each day! On the third or fourth day, stir up the plant food in an old jar according to the directions. Gently remove the flowers from the vase. Pour out the water. Fill the vase with the solution you just made that contains the plant food. (Be sure to mark the jar as PLANT FOOD if there is water remaining in it. You can use this up in the coming days.) As your flowers wilt, remove them from the arrangement. Remember, flowers thrive best in a cooler environment out of direct sunlight.

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Caring for
flowers in Oasis

Fresh flowers are very thirsty! Please add 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water daily to your arrangement. We have included a packet of food with your arrangement. Ideally, mix the food in a jar with water, according to the directions. Water the arrangement each day from this mixture for best results. Your flowers will be happy that you did! Remember, flowers thrive in a cooler environment out of the stream of direct sunlight.

Cherishing a Friend

Please use the contact form below to enter our You’ve Been Cherished contest. Submit your name, or the name of a friend or relative, to receive a free arrangement or gift certificate. There is one requirement – that person has to be willing to have their photo placed on our Facebook page with the item that they won.

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Cherishing the

Keep an eye out on Facebook for our “Help the Hart House” offers. The full arrangement pieces will have a variable price. Tissue-wrapped bouquets are $10. The entire amount will be donated to Hart Comfort House. Should you choose to have these delivered, the fee is $10 delivery. A convenience fee will apply if paid for by credit card. Call the shop quickly to claim these---they go quickly!

Cherishing the Environment (and you!)

We are really happy to share our Vase Take-Back program. When you bring sparkly clean, non-damaged vases or floral containers to us, we will give you store credit for each vase! Note that we don’t usually take novelty items, but we love glass – clear and even colored.

Click here for the nitty-gritty of the program.

Thomy Cilfinger, owner


You’ve Been Cherished Form

Submit the name of a friend or relative who would enjoy the opportunity to win a free arrangement or gift certificate.

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We are excited
to bring you a new choice in flower gifting!

We look forward to the opportunity to honor your loved one with funeral tribute flowers, special occasion flowers, and those every-day, “I love you” flowers.

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